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In less than 3 years, Hashtag Sports has become the preeminent stage for the modern athlete to amplify their personal platform by sharing innovative ideas, showcasing creativity, and examining culture alongside other industry luminaries.

Outfitted with reach, resources, and the ultimate competitive drive, athletes have fashioned themselves as prominent publishers, savvy entrepreneurs, disciplined tech investors, and effective activists. Gone are the days of only car washes and steakhouses.

The modern pro athlete is increasingly leaving their distinct mark on an industry rife with disruption. It's all coming full circle—and who better than the athlete to shape the future of sport for themselves and their fans?

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Who's Playing the Game?

Pique Your Interest?

Consider this your official invite! Join dozens of other athletes and creators as the brightest minds descend upon Times Square at Hashtag Sports 2020 for:

  • Sessions across two stages and ten programming tracks, including panels and fireside chats dedicated to the increasing influence of Athletes & Creators
  • Networking by day and by night with influencers and decision makers in sports
  • Special Events celebrating the convergence of sports, media, and culture

Reach out below for more information on special rates and passes designed specifically for athletes and creators.

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