Where Investors Are Placing Their Bets in Sports Tech | Hashtag Sports 2017 Session


Where Investors Are Placing Their Bets in Sports Tech

Wednesday, 6/28/2017 | Microsoft Technology Center | Microsoft Stage at 1:30PM

What You Will Learn

With $9 billion spent annually on youth sports, there are promising investment opportunities in sports technology for VCs and corporate VCs. From wearables and sensors to analytics, we are seeing innovations in sports technology create new categories, new markets for existing sports and new applications of technologies. With developments that can enhance professional level sports and eventually trickle down to the mass market, there are wide-open spaces for investors to play in. Join a lineup of leading VCs as they discuss key developments in sports technology, where investors should place their bets, and how startups can compete in this growing market.

Tags: Sports Tech, Investment, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital

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