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Reshape the Status Quo

At Hashtag Sports 2019, we’re sparking discussion and debate surrounding the industry’s hottest topics. Take a closer look at the most impactful new Trends and Innovations defining the future of fandom, including sports betting, blockchain, AR, the trivia fad, subscription services, globalization, and more.

What emerging technologies, revolutionary ideas, or disruptions have the potential to create a more engaging future for the connected fan?

What You'll Learn

Cross-Generational Strategy

Why age and generation are ineffective mechanisms for segmenting and targeting sports fans in the digital era

Sports Betting

How legalized sports betting is revolutionizing real-time fan engagement

Virtual & Augmented Reality

When, where, and why to invest marketing dollars in virtual or augmented reality


How to make sense of unconventional consumption behaviors and engagement trends across streaming and gaming

AI & Blockchain

The impact of artificial intelligence and blockchain on advertising, content, and ticketing


How leagues and publishers are leveraging digital media to build avidity in global markets

Trend or Fad?

Which trends and technologies are just fads and which are here to stay for sports marketers

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