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At Hashtag Sports 2019, we’re sparking discussion and debate surrounding the industry’s hottest topics. Take a closer look at the most impactful new Trends and Innovations defining the future of fandom, including sports betting, blockchain, AR, the trivia fad, subscription services, globalization, and more.

What emerging technologies, revolutionary ideas, or disruptions have the potential to create a more engaging future for the connected fan?

2019 Sessions

Machines: The Missing Human Element in Sports

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Thursday 6/27.10:15AM.Engage Stage

Fans today want more in-depth sports coverage delivered to them quickly and accurately on their own terms. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language generation, providers have gained access to richer stories faster than ever. When integrated with modern delivery mechanisms like voice-assistance, push notifications and in-venue digital signage, fans can peel back meaningful layers of insights on their favorite team, players and the game they’re watching. Have we officially reached the digital age of sports storytelling?

image for Arjan Paulussen

Arjan Paulussen
VP, Global Accounts

image for Nick Haynes

Nick Haynes
Lead Data Scientist
Automated Insights

image for Adi Joseph

Adi Joseph
Editorial Director
CBS Sports

image for Barry Bedlan

Barry Bedlan
Director, Sports Products
The Associated Press

image for Seth Everett

Seth Everett

The Next Bet: Interactive Broadcasting & Mobile Gamification

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Thursday 6/27.11:15AM.Engage Stage

With more screens to choose from than ever before, the fight for the modern fan's attention is no holds barred. A traditionally broadcasted live event asks consumers to watch something produced for an entire market or group rather than the individual. Meanwhile, the Twitch-ification of TV and proliferation of free-to-play gaming apps are bringing viewers closer to the action and creating attractive opportunities for broadcasters and advertisers alike. Join a panel of experts in learning why engagement built on participation is the best bet for winning over content-hungry and attention-starved fans.

image for Jason George

Jason George

image for Scott Warfield

Scott Warfield
Managing Director, Gaming

image for David Wang

David Wang
Founder & CEO

image for Jen Rottenberg

Jen Rottenberg

Jeff Eisenband

Jeff Eisenband
Host & Analyst
NBA 2K League

Case Study - eMLS

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Thursday 6/27.11:50AM.Engage Stage

It's no secret that all major sports leagues and properties are looking for new ways to engage younger audiences, but Major League Soccer is ahead of pace. By connecting with fans around the passions that already matter most to them, the league has strengthened its hold on the Millennial and Gen Z audience. In this case study, learn how the league is commercializing eMLS on existing platforms, driving viewership increases across Twitch, and building affinity with the next generation.

image for James Ruth

James Ruth
Senior Director, Properties

How The Drone Racing League Blurs the Digital with the Real

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Thursday 6/27.12:10PM.Engage Stage

The Drone Racing League (DRL), the global, premier drone racing circuit, created the only esport that translates into real sports. The Swatch DRL Tryouts transforms gamers into pro pilots through its annual live streamed virtual drone racing tournament on the DRL Simulator. Join DRL Director of Partnerships, Harry Neuhaus, to discover how the league blends the digital with the real and increases Tryouts viewership year after year.

image for Harry Neuhaus

Harry Neuhaus
Senior Director, Business Development
Drone Racing League

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