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How are players and personalities influencing and entertaining the next generation of fans?

As athletes and influencers evolve into standalone brands, creators of all types are using digital media to turn popularity into profitability. Players and personalities are now jockeying with TV giants to become the go-to source for their own content, coverage, and sponsor activations. Join us at Hashtag Sports 2019 as we traverse the ever-changing Athletes & Creators landscape to learn how the best in the game are feeding fans’ massive appetite for authenticity.

What trends in marketing, advertising, and digital media are transforming audience engagement?

Despite a smorgasbord of content options, sports fans remain starved for more. Connected consumers share (and create) a diverse mix of media and don’t discern between sports, music, and culture—instead preferring crossover and convergence. The key to audience engagement lies in creative and effective storytelling. Discover powerful ways to make an impression on the connected fan through Content & Campaigns at Hashtag Sports 2019.

How are brands and properties using immersive experiences to engage fans both at home and at the game?

Mobile-first fans have sparked a revolution in sports media and experiential marketing. Powered by data, personalization and automation are helping to create more engaging interactions between brands and fans—both at live events and online. More than ever, engaging fans is an exercise performed in a digital context. Success requires understanding of a new type of fan and acknowledgement that while they may never attend, they will nonetheless engage, consume, and purchase. Discover the future of the Fan Experience at Hashtag Sports 2019 as we explore the multi-platform approaches captivating consumers and keeping fans engaged.

What is the next frontier of sponsorship for brands looking to reach connected consumers through sports?

The ways consumers discover, receive, and engage with brands are dramatically evolving, thanks in large part to media fragmentation. The lifeblood of sponsorships has always been the fan, but as attention and consumption shift to digital, the magic formula for success now lies in creating partnerships that truly put the fan first. Attend the Next-Gen Partnerships track at Hashtag Sports 2019 to gain valuable insight from brands on emerging sponsorship models creating emotional ties with fans.

How are OTT services, digital publishers, and tech giants reinventing the way fans consume sports?

The modern sports fan lives on easy street. It’s never been simpler to tune in to the game or tune out the advertisements. On-demand media has reshaped fans’ expectations of what content they want, when they want it, and where they’re willing to watch it, yet an infusion of new money and new strategy is helping sports keep up with appointment viewers who are cutting the cord. Join us for the Platforms & Distribution track at Hashtag Sports 2019 as we take a closer look at the first- and second-screen strategies and technologies delivering content direct-to-fan.

What are the strategies and technologies being used to acquire, engage, and retain fans in real-time?

Over half of the world’s population is now active on social media—and no industry is better equipped to connect with these 3 billion people in real-time than sports. Social media and live streaming have changed the the future of fan interaction: teams now have the personas of late-night talk show hosts; brands are no longer bound by broadcast budgets to reach the masses; and digital publishers are drawing large audiences through live. Join us at Hashtag Sports 2019 to gain valuable insight from the industry’s most imaginative content creators as they discuss the latest and greatest techniques for engaging fans in real-time through .

What emerging technologies, revolutionary ideas, or disruptions have the potential to create a more engaging future for the connected fan?

Emerging technologies and disruptive disciplines are reshaping fan behavior and changing the way marketers connect with consumers. At Hashtag Sports 2019, we’re sparking discussion and debate surrounding the industry’s hottest hot-button topics to determine and define new best practices in fan engagement. Take a closer look at the Trends & Innovations fueling the future of fandom, including sports betting, blockchain, data, artificial intelligence, subscription models, globalization, and more.

Showcasing the leading sports publishers and platforms serving today’s connected fan

SportsFronts is a half-day main stage showcase at Hashtag Sports 2019 featuring original discussions and presentations from executives of the leading media companies, publishers and platforms.

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