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Sports Betting

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As technology provides deeper dives into team and player data, an entirely new betting opportunity emerges in esports, and for ratings-strapped rightsholders remaining eager for steady eyeballs, there is seemingly no better time than the present to green light sports betting and infuse an estimated $26 billion into the nation’s economy. Join us at Hashtag Sports 2018 as we explore how Sports Betting can become a boon for sports business.

A Fireside Chat with TV Media Luminary Tom Rogers

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Monday, 6/25.9:30AM.Times Center.Main Stage

The founder of CNBC and former President of TiVo, Tom Rogers is now pioneering the next big thing in live sports media as Executive Chairman of WinView, a live in-game sports prediction platform. Join us as Mr. Rogers provides veteran insights on sports media’s rabid evolution that is trying to make sense of injecting sports betting into the fray while addressing how WinView's interactive second-screen experience is singularly positioned to shake up the viewership of live sports and beyond.

Tom Rogers
Executive Chairman

Jason Feifer

The Impact of Expanded Legalized Sports Betting in the U.S.

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Tuesday, 6/26.10:45AM.Times Center.Main Stage

Following the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States on Murphy (Christi) v. NCAA, stakeholders inside and outside the world of sport are actively working to lay a profitable foundation for what many now see as an inevitability – the expansion of legal, regulated sports betting across America. The opportunity for owners, leagues, teams, broadcast companies, gaming companies, states and more are significant. This discussion will examine latest developments, what’s at stake for everyone involved, and the next steps to realizing the benefits of a legal, regulated sports betting market in the U.S.

Sara Slane

Brian Musburger

Andrew Brandt

Randall Boe

Michael Sykes

Live and Kicking: Why Official Data Holds the Keys to Success

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Tuesday, 6/26.1:00PM.Times Center.Main Stage

Global sports data and technology experts come together to help dissect the crucial role that fast, accurate and reliable data will play in driving the in-game sports betting revolution set to sweep the U.S. With online sports betting expected to be legalized in over 25 states, sports are lobbying state legislatures to require the use of their official data by sports books. The session will explore the benefits of this approach to betting customers, sportsbooks and sports rights holders, as well as the risks associated with a market powered by data unapproved by the leagues. We will also hear from the English Premier League on how they successfully lead the world in this sector.

Chris Dougan
Genius Sports

Kenny Gersh

David Miller
PGA Tour

Adrian Ford
Football DataCo

Mandy Antoniacci

Sports Betting in the Media World: A Content Revolution

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Tuesday, 6/26.1:45PM.Times Center.Main Stage

The chips are falling on what will soon be a multibillion-dollar revolution in the sports media world as betting brands begin throwing gasoline on the fire that is legalized sports gambling in the U.S. Niche markets are now mainstream audiences, creating new opportunities to stream and monetize smaller scale sporting events; digital and traditional advertising revenue are expected to see a dramatic rise alongside ratings; and mobile apps are in a race to reposition and go all in. Hear from innovators in media as we explore sports betting’s contribution to a content revolution.

Chad Millman
Head of Media
The Action Network

John Levy

Matt Drew

John Ourand

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