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With the help of modern technology, brands are integrating themselves into the game and the conversation in ways never before imagined. However, digital media has also given rise to a plethora of challenges as brands fight audience tune out and attempt to keep it 100 (insert 100 emoji) with Gen Z and Millennial eyeballs. Attend the Sponsorship & Advertising track at HS18 for a glimpse into how brands best understand the Connected Fan.

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Tuesday, 6/26.10:00AM.Times Center.Innovate Stage

The story of how a team of ten, plus a decentralized newsroom led by hundreds of emerging talent, has quietly built the fourth largest sports media network in the world without you knowing.

Brian Verne

Larry Braitman

Ryan Miglio
Content Creator

Adam White

Creating Content for the Speed of Sports

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Tuesday, 6/26.10:20AM.Times Center.Innovate Stage

The 2017 Consensus Fantasy Football #1 Pick David Johnson was injured during the first game of the year. And one brand was ready with pre-planned, relevant content designed to show how their daily fantasy product was better suited for fantasy football players than traditional fantasy leagues. DraftKings knows about speed – they operate in a dynamic, measurement-driven business with a startup nature that requires being nimble and flexible. In 2017, they channeled that approach into their advertising, working with creative agency Deutsch to deliver weekly content that changed with the speed of sports. After Sunday’s games, Deutsch’s writers created new scripts that were approved overnight by DraftKings, and by Wednesday they were distributed on TV, Digital and Social channels, just in time for players to set that weekend’s lineups. In this fireside chat, Don Lane, SVP of Brand and Creative at DraftKings, and Andrew Arnot, SVP, Group Account Director at Deutsch NY, will discuss how brands can take advantage of the fast pace of the sports world to create nimble marketing / advertising strategies that are both timely and engaging for viewers.

Don Lane

Andrew Arnot

Jeff Beer
Fast Company

Social Highlight Clips: Unlocking New Inventory and More Value for Sponsors

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Tuesday, 6/26.11:30AM.Times Center.Innovate Stage

TV-visible signage is taking on a new life, and it's all thanks to social media. As users share sports highlight clips that originated in broadcasts, brands are gaining new levels of exposure. This shift in media consumption means rights holders can ensure they're capturing the exposure—and value—generated for brand partners, whether on TV, streaming or social.

The same dasherboards that provided TV exposure for brands are now a multi-channel asset that is generating value well beyond the broadcast as it appears in highlights across social media. New inventory introduced by leagues, like the NHL, represent additional opportunities for brands to be integrated into the most crucial moments of a game such as shareable highlight clips, that drive value beyond the broadcast.

Led by veteran sports marketing reporter Mike McCarthy of the Sporting News, this fireside chat features Eric Nachman from the Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment group and GumGum Sports GM Jeff Katz whom will discuss multichannel valuation across TV broadcast, streaming and social—and new technologies and methodologies being used today.

Jeff Katz
GumGum Sports

Eric Nachman

Grady Raskin
Dallas Stars

Allison Eddy

Mike McCarthy
Sporting News

Multicultural Is Mainstream

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Tuesday, 6/26.1:45PM.Times Center.Innovate Stage

In a World Cup year with the U.S. team unfortunately not in contention, all eyes turn to the Hispanic market. Although soccer carries a disproportionate influence on the Latin community, so too do most American sports. Hear from key executives across professional leagues (NFL), teams (Philadelphia 76ers) networks (beIN SPORTS) and agencies (Pinta) how ratings, revenue and merchandise sales are experiencing enormous growth from the multicultural sector…as well as tips for how your brand can reap the benefits.

Mike Valdes-Fauli
President & CEO

Marissa Fernandez

Rafael Torres
Senior Director

Dave Sholler

Lessons From the Field: IBM Watson As a Game Changer in Sports and Entertainment Partnerships

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Tuesday, 6/26.2:30PM.Times Center.Innovate Stage

Data has always been an integral part of the sports experience, from the way players are evaluated to the scores and statistics that help fans put the action into context. But in the age of AI, the definition of data is expanding to include less traditional sources of information. The roar of the crowd. The language of the announcer. Even the emotion on a player’s face. IBM Watson is using these and other new sources of data to reimagine the digital experience of major sports events. On this panel, Noah Syken, VP of Global Sponsorships at IBM, will discuss his work at the center of this AI revolution in sports. Moderated by Dave Gaspar of innovation consultancy DDG, Syken will share the stage with IBM’s partners, including Kirsten Corio, Managing Director of Digital Strategy at USTA, and Wendell Scott, Senior Vice President at ESPN. Together they will share the unique ways in which they are using AI to create personalized digital experiences and help venues spend their sports marketing dollars more wisely.

Noah Syken

Kirsten Corio
Managing Director

Wendell Scott

Dave Gaspar
Managing Director

Navigating Spend on Social: Platforms, Profiles, and Partnerships

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Tuesday, 6/26.4:00PM.Times Center.Innovate Stage

As brands and agencies race for eyeballs on smaller screens and disruptive platforms, advertisers are relying more than ever on the powerful combination of social media and sports to reach the right fans through the right influencers. When methodical matches are made, influencer marketing serves as a win-win strategy: advertiser impressions and athlete incomes are boosted in unison. Join a panel of audience experts in exploring ways to take the guesswork out of reaching and engaging the targeted followings of influencers, brands, and properties across game-changing social platforms.

Shelley Pisarra

Michael Modon
Head Content

Stan Woodward

Jeff Eisenband

Digital Storytellers: We've Got Next in Next-Gen Marketing

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Tuesday, 6/26.4:45PM.Times Center.Main Stage

Who runs the world? Connected Fans. To find success in a next-gen world of sports storytelling, marketers must focus on adding innovative technologies to the marketing process and speaking in the language young fans know best: digital. Join leading innovators in Gen Z and millennial marketing as they explore how digital storytelling connects their brand to next-gen fans, including the rise of digital video series, partnerships with leaders in mobile apps, differences in generationally-focused marketing campaigns, how to find brand advocates on social, and the journey of diverse leaders in sports.

Melissa Proctor
Atlanta Hawks

Kenyatta Bynoe

Jordan Schlachter

Nina Mandell

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