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Deadline to submit is February 28, 2020


Hashtag Sports is currently accepting proposals for our annual sports media & marketing conference to be held next summer in New York City. We are interested in executives from brands, media companies, and sports properties, as well as athletes and creators, who can inspire and educate our community on the future of fan engagement.

What our
Attendees Want

Our attendees want to learn how to better engage today’s fan, how to create content and experiences that build those deeper fan connections, and how to monetize audiences that are engaged. They also want to learn what’s new and cutting-edge in media and marketing.

Greenfly panel - Andrew Patterson, Shawn Green, Katiee Daley


As you apply, please keep in mind that due to the high volume of speaker requests and limited agenda inventory, our selection committee gives precedence to those submissions most closely aligned with the following criteria:

  • Diversity - Help us bring fresh voices to sports business by including panelists of diverse genders, ethnicities, professional backgrounds, and viewpoints. Each panel must feature a minimum of one (1) female executive.
  • Seniority - The majority of speakers/panelists will be VP or higher from brands, media companies, and sports properties.
  • Talent - Athletes, influencers, and personalities are engagement experts we can all learn from. Increase the drawing power of your session and ensure all of the key players in the sports media & marketing ecosystem have share-of-voice.
  • Originality - We’re a platform for discussing cutting-edge fan engagement topics that haven’t been discussed before. Plan to make a major announcement, launch a new product, or reveal exclusive insights instead of recycling content discussed at other sports conferences.

Note to Technology Companies & Service Providers:
In order to maintain the neutrality and credibility of the event, speakers from the vendor community are very rarely accepted for main agenda sessions; however we do reserve a select few speaking spots as part of our sponsorship packages.

"[Hashtag Sports] gives people an idea of what’s next because that’s what it’s all about... that's what’s really showcased."

Andrea Kremer, Amazon

"In my opinion, [Hashtag Sports] is the most important conference in the industry... impressive speakers and deep insights in strong cases."

Martin Brueckner, Red Bull

"Hashtag Sports has done an incredible job of building a content experience and has the ability to pull in all of the biggest names in the world of sports."

Howard Mittman, Bleacher Report