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The whole world in our hands

Over half of the world’s population is now active on social media—and no industry is better equipped to connect with these 3 billion people in real-time than sports. Social media and live streaming have changed the the future of fan interaction: teams now have the personas of late-night talk show hosts; brands are no longer bound by broadcast budgets to reach the masses; and digital publishers are drawing large audiences through live.

What are the strategies and technologies being used to acquire, engage, and retain fans in real-time?

What You'll Learn

Second-Screen Strategies

Tips for driving appointment viewership (despite low stakes or lopsided games)

Engage or Die

How to create scroll-stopping content for the passive consumer and what appeals to sports fans in real-time

Technology Is Your Friend

The latest tools for evolving your brand’s connected conversation with fans

Know Your Worth

How to sell the value of social media to sponsors, partners, and internal stakeholders

What's Trending on Social

Who’s doing it best on which social networks and why live streaming is the future of real-time engagement

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