Putting the Sports in Esports | Hashtag Sports 2017 Session


Putting the Sports in Esports

Monday, 6/26/2017 | Times Center | Innovate Stage at 3:00PM

What You Will Learn

Whistle Sports has been at the forefront of a niche within the growing world of eSports - games based on "in real life" sports like FIFA, NBA, and Madden. Creators who specialize in these games don't just show live gameplay and competition, but use the games as vehicles for analysis and humor too, attracting audiences in the millions. James Creech of Paladin Software will lead a lively discussion about these games, with Whistle Sports' Global Head of Brand Partnerships Deirdre Lester, McDonald's Digital Engagement Supervisor Faizan Tahir and noted eSports creator ChuBoi, focusing on this new way of creating sports content, why consumers are so passionate about it, and how brands like McDonalds have gotten involved.

Tags: Gaming, Niche Sports, Fan Engagement, Brands, Creators

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