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The Cable Bubble Is Bursting

The modern sports fan lives on easy street. It’s never been simpler to tune in to the game or tune out the advertisements. On-demand media has reshaped fans’ expectations of what content they want, when they want it, and where they’re willing to watch it, yet an infusion of new money and new strategy is helping sports keep up with appointment viewers who are cutting the cord.

How are OTT services, digital publishers, and tech giants reinventing the way fans consume sports?

What You'll Learn

Which Platforms Fans Love

How fans’ usage, avidity, and engagement differs across specific sites, apps, and social networks

Cord-Cutters and Cord-Nevers

The rapid evolution of consumption habits and ways to overcome declining viewership on traditional channels

Creating Platform-Specific Content

Ideas for optimizing live broadcasts and shoulder programming on digital platforms

Using Social to Compliment Broadcast

Strategies for driving single-click, cross-platform tune in to live game broadcasts

Fight the Pirates

How to embrace OTT and drive revenue from direct-to-consumer channels

Direct-to-Fan Is the New Black

Why agencies are eyeing content acquisition to sure up their direct-to-consumer cabilities

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