How to Effectively Capture the Esports Fan | Hashtag Sports 2017 Session


How to Effectively Capture the Esports Fan

Tuesday, 6/27 | Times Center | Innovate Stage at 10:30AM

What You Will Learn

Esports is everywhere you turn these days with traditional publishers and leagues getting into the action. But covering esports and bringing more fans into the mix is a new challenge for publishers and media alike. How do you monetize this nascent industry? How do you capture the interest of the more casual gamers? How should the games and leagues adapt for viewers? Industry execs discuss the future media coverage of esports, including how to capture the eSports audience, how their consumption differs from traditional sports and how to monetize the category for all parties involved.

Tags: Esports, Fan Engagement, Gaming, Monetization, Publishing, Digital, Consumption

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