Going Live with Twitter | Hashtag Sports 2017 Session


Going Live with Twitter

Monday, 6/26/2017 | Times Center | Main Stage at 10:45AM

What You Will Learn

The world of sports broadcasting is transforming before our eyes due to the evolution of how fans prefer to consume content. Twitter Global Head of Sports Partnerships Laura Froelich will discuss Twitter's advantage in the space with The Player's Tribune EVP Raphael Poplock, and STADIUM President Jason Coyle. The panel will offer thoughtful insight into the best ways to engage the modern sports fan and the expanding lineup of live sports content that fans can experience on Twitter, including #Verified, a new live show on Twitter from The Player's Tribune that will feature athletes connecting directly with fans, and STADIUM, a new 24/7 linear experience that will stream live on Twitter.

Tags: Broadcasting, Live Streaming, Fan Engagement, Athletes, Digital

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