Future of Sports OTT: Live Events & Personalization | Hashtag Sports 2017 Session


Future of Sports OTT: Live Events & Personalization

Monday, 6/26/2017 | Times Center | Main Stage at 4:30PM

What You Will Learn

Live OTT offerings have captivated sports fans around the world, enabling viewers to tune into the latest games and matches on their mobile devices, connected TVs and game consoles, anywhere at their own convenience. But implementing a successful live video OTT stream can be exceptionally challenging, especially when considering a myriad of complicated elements, including unexpected delays, regional blackouts and the soaring numbers of concurrent watchers.

A panel of representatives will discuss the critical tools and resources needed to ensure that a live OTT stream runs smoothly—and profitably—in the midst of the uncertainty of live event production. As well as how current and future technology can enable highly customized and targeted programming for each user to offer everything from niche channels to personalized linear highlight feeds. Sharing case studies, personal anecdotes and future predictions, these leading industry execs will leave the audience with key takeaways for the future of OTT Sports Programming—with simplicity, success and scale.

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