FAQ | Hashtag Sports 2019



What is Hashtag Sports?
Hashtag Sports® is the world’s leading conference, awards, and community for sports media and marketing innovators and content creators engaging the next generation of fans—the Connected Fan. We reach a global community of over 50,000 industry leaders, influencers, athletes, and creators in 145 countries.
When and where does Hashtag Sports occur?
Hashtag Sports is an annual summer conference held at the crossroads of the sports world—New York City. The dates for our next event are June 25-27, 2019 at the TimesCenter.
What types of content will be covered at Hashtag Sports 2019?
Every year, Hashtag Sports explores trends and topics to help marketers better engage today’s fan. The definition of engagement is changing all the time—it’s no longer limited to likes and retweets. Engagement is about building stronger direct-to-fan relationships.

Hashtag Sports is where you can find the tools and insights to do just that. View our 2019 tracks (programming themes) here.
Who attends Hashtag Sports?
Hashtag Sports is an event designed for senior to mid-level sports media and marketing professionals from a variety of organizations.

In addition to the 400+ teams, leagues and properties who have engaged with our event, Hashtag Sports attracts digital decision makers from many of the world's leading brands, sponsorship firms, advertising and creative agencies, technology companies, digital publishers, and media networks.
How can I find out who else is attending this year?
Our full roster of attendees is only available to sponsors and partners. You can view a sample of organizations who attended last year by clicking here.


I really want to attend Hashtag Sports but I’m not sure how to get approval from my company. Any ideas?
Yep! Download our Convince Your Boss guide here for help on how to pitch the powers that be.
I don’t know who in my company is attending yet, but I want to take advantage of discounts or early bird rates. Can I buy now and change the names on the passes later?
No problem! For access to the best rates on tickets and hotels, it’s important to book early. However, we understand that it’s often difficult to plan attendance this far in advance.

To help make it easier, we allow organizations to purchase tickets under one buyer’s name and allocate the passes internally at a later date.
How do I transfer my registration to someone else?
Send a note to events@hashtagsports.com with your name and ticket confirmation number as well as the name and email address of the individual to whom you wish to transfer your pass. All transfers must be complete by June 10, 2019.
How can I receive discounts on passes for Hashtag Sports 2019?
We work hard to ensure passes to our events are affordable and accessible to all types of companies throughout the industry. While we won’t be offering as many special discounts as in year’s past due to our current pricing structure, anyone can give and earn discounts by using our social referral program.

For information on specific ticket promotions, subscribe to our event updates here.
How does the social referral program work?
After purchasing a pass, attendees are provided with a custom referral URL to share with their social networks. Send the link to your friends or colleagues via email, LinkedIn, Slack, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

For every pass purchased using the link, both the referrer (retroactively) and the person referred (at the time of purchase) will receive 15% off the purchase price.
Does Hashtag Sports have partnerships with any local hotels?
We do not currently have a room block reserved; however, we’ve partnered with Hotel Engine to make your trip to Hashtag Sports 2019 as easy and affordable as possible. Book here for up to 60% off of public hotel rates.
Does my conference pass get me into evening networking events?
Of course! The Standard Pass provides access to all official networking events for general attendees. However, space is limited so we ask that you RSVP in order to help us get a head count. RSVPs for evening networking events will open two weeks prior to the event.
When will the 2019 agenda become available?
Check back in the spring for information on our 2019 agenda. You can view our 2019 tracks (programming themes) here.
What is the official hashtag for the event?
Go viral or follow along using our official event hashtag: #HS19. You can also mention us @HashtagSports to join the conversation, share insights, or ask questions. Use #HS19 on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and anywhere else people are hashtagging.
Do you have a special ticket rate for students?
Hashtag Sports is an event designed for industry professionals. Unfortunately, that means we do not grant admission to students. As an alternative, we encourage students to volunteer. All volunteers are granted free access to the conference during hours they are not on shift.
How do I apply to volunteer at Hashtag Sports 2019?
Click here for more details or to apply as a volunteer. You must be over the age of 18. No prior experience is required.
How do I apply for a media pass to Hashtag Sports 2019?
Hashtag Sports extends credentials to members of the media who are looking to tell the stories of our athletes, influencers, executives, and innovators. You can apply for a credentialed pass here.


What is the deadline for submitting and selecting 2019 speakers?
You may submit or suggest speakers at any time; however, our agenda will be largely filled by early February. For vendors and technology providers, we strongly recommend considering partnership opportunities.
How can Hashtag Sports cover the most recent trends and cutting-edge concepts if asking for programming ideas many months before the event?
Valid question. Hashtag Sports was created to champion innovation across the entire sports ecosystem. While the landscape is rapidly changing, the overarching themes redefining the future of the industry remain largely unaffected. Certain hot-button items will likely make for pertinent points of discussion within broader topics and tracks.

Nonetheless, we reserve an allotted portion of our programming inventory for late-breaking news and freshly emerged trends.

The quicker we can put together an exciting array of programming, the easier our community can make plans to join everyone.
What makes for a good speaker/panel proposal?
The best proposals are those with enough thought, specificity, and detail that they could be ready to rock if the event was held tomorrow.

Please follow our speaker/panel criteria as closely as possible to ensure alignment with the Hashtag Sports platform and best position your proposal for selection:
  • Seniority - Plan to bring your A-game. The majority of speakers/panelists will be VPs or CEOs/Founders of their respective organizations.
  • Originality - Dare to be different. Consider making a major announcement, launching a new product, or revealing exclusive insights instead of reusing or recycling content from other events.
  • Talent - Athletes, influencers, and personalities are catalysts of much innovation across sports and deserve a spot at the table with the industry’s best and brightest minds.
  • Diversity - We’re a platform for discussing cutting-edge topics that haven’t been discussed before. Help us bring fresh voices to the industry by including panelists of disparate professional backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, and viewpoints.
What makes for a good panel or topic title?
The strength of a panel/topic title is measured in two units: clarity and cleverness.

Please be clear, coherent, and specific in choosing a name that properly outlines your session. At the same time, Hashtag Sports brings a fresh voice to the industry each summer so we welcome topics and titles with an appropriate level of wit.
What types of speaking roles/formats are accepted by Hashtag Sports?
Power panels make up the majority of our programming, but we welcome a variety of speaking formats including workshops, fireside interviews, and limited presentations.
Who can offer speaker or panel submissions to Hashtag Sports?
Anyone can submit a speaker or panel proposal. However, our event is intended as a platform for thought leaders to use to discuss industry trends and topics. Please refrain from material that could be considered a sales pitch. We strongly recommend that vendors and technology providers consider a partnership approach as an alternative.
How can I determine which track my idea would be best for?
Please use our track descriptions here in order to guide your decision making process. Depending on inventory, we may choose to place your session in a track that different than the one you applied for.
How do I know what tracks fall under what dates for Hashtag Sports 2019?
The agenda for Hashtag Sports 2019 will be released in the spring. Most tracks will take place on a single day of the event. Please check back soon for more information.
How many proposals can I enter for the 2019 event?
Please enter each unique proposal only one time. However, if you represent multiple speakers and/or have numerous ideas for panels covering different topics, you may submit more than once using the same contact information.
Can I change my proposal after I have submitted it?
Once you have submitted your proposal, we ask that you do not make changes unless required by the circumstances. Once your speaker/panel has been officially selected, you will not be able to switch out speakers/panelists unless approved by Hashtag Sports and the substitution is of equal or greater seniority to the original proposal.
Do I need to have all of the other speakers confirmed when I enter a panel idea?
We highly recommend that you have confirmed availability and interest with all proposed speaking candidates prior to submitting your idea to Hashtag Sports.
What if I want to propose a speaker for my session that I’m not currently in contact with?
As the organizer of the panel, it will be your primary responsibility to communicate commitment requirements to the members of your panel so please plan accordingly and ensure you have a reliable means of staying in contact.

That being said, we believe in aiming high so if you have someone of high seniority in mind for a speaking role who might take a little longer to get confirmed, feel free to add them to your roster and make a note in the description section of the speaker application form.
Why does the form ask for separate information for a contact?
Sometimes PR firms, assistants, or other representatives submit an application on behalf of a potential speaker. If this is the case for you, please enter your information (or the information of the individual who will be the speaker’s primary contact) in the contact form and fill out the separate fields for the speaker you are representing.

If you are submitting a proposal on your own behalf, you may leave your own information in the contact fields.
If my idea is selected, do I get free admission to Hashtag Sports?
Yes, each individual who is selected for an official speaking role will be granted free admission to the conference. Due to high demand, we are no longer able to provide additional complimentary passes for the speaker’s organization.

In order to accommodate as many speakers as possible, we ask that you do not request extra passes for friends, colleagues or others from your company. If you would like your team to join, we’re happy to work with you on group discounts!


What type of partnerships does Hashtag Sports offer?
Whether a global brand or emerging tech company, our team will put together a custom proposal that leverages our unparalleled platform and achieves your unique goals. You can find more details here.
How do I learn more about sponsoring Hashtag Sports 2019?
We offer a variety of turnkey sponsorship opportunities including, but not limited to: live activations and installations, thought leadership programming, branding, on-site Wifi, charging stations, refreshments, networking lounge, live stream/VOD, and VIP Green Room access. Download our prospectus or find more details here.
Can I exhibit my company or product at Hashtag Sports 2019?
Our event is primarily thought leadership driven. We do not have a large expo hall; however, we do have limited room for activations/installations.
Have more questions?
Give us a shout at events@hashtagsports.com.