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Fan Experience Track

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The Fan Journey

Mobile-first fans have sparked a revolution in sports media and experiential marketing. Powered by data, personalization and automation are helping to create more engaging interactions between brands and fans—both at live events and online. More than ever, engaging fans is an exercise performed in a digital context. Success requires understanding of a new type of fan and acknowledgment that they may engage but never purchase, attend, or consume.

How are brands and properties using immersive experiences to engage fans both at home and at the game?

What You'll Learn

Incorporating Technology into Live Activations

How to captivate fans through connected experiences

Defining a New Breed of Fan

Ways to better understand who fans are, where they are, and why sports is a passion point through which your brand can connect

Putting the Fan First

How to put the fan in control of their experience and develop an immersive consumer journey at live events that creates brand loyalists

Adapting to the Connected Fan

The implications of shortening attention spans and increasing global fandom on live attendance, viewership, e-commerce, and subscriptions

The Next Frontier of Fan Engagement

Trends in personalization including chatbots, next-gen messaging, AR/VR, smart assistants, and more

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