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Content Is (Still) King

Despite a smorgasbord of content options, sports fans remain starved for more. Connected consumers share (and create) a diverse mix of media and don’t discern between sports, music, and culture—instead preferring crossover and convergence. The key to audience engagement lies in controlling the narrative.

What trends in marketing, advertising, and digital media are transforming audience engagement?

What You'll Learn

Why Understanding Convergence Is Critical

The modern fan doesn't discern between sports, music, comedy, or culture

How to Keep Pace

The keys to staying relevant amongst increasing demand for scale/quality in a market saturated by on-demand content

Generate and Measure ROI

How branded content and campaigns can drive business results and engagement

Best Practices for Real-Time Engagement

How data and insights can be paired with content to create real-time campaigns

What Catches Eyes and Keeps Attention

How to design content for new digital behaviors that cut across generations

Building Brand Narratives

Best practices for using storytelling in marketing and advertising

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