Brands Get Physical: Experiential Spaces at Sporting Events

Tuesday, 6/27/2017 | Times Center | Innovate Stage at 3:00PM

What You Will Learn

How are some of the most successful companies and brands meeting the challenge of bringing their messages to life and making deeper emotional connections with consumers? In an increasingly digital world we still crave real-life interactions with the brands we love. A recent survey showed that 78% of millennials prefer to pay for physical experiences over material goods. In this panel, you’ll discover how branded, immersive marketing tactics are becoming powerful drivers of fan engagement at live sporting events. What explains this shift and why is an experiential strategy more engaging, personal and memorable? Is this interactive approach to marketing here to stay? Innovators share their insights.

Russell Silvers
Bill Melo
John Seiler
Kris Mathis

Tags: Brands, Experiential Marketing, Fan Engagement, Activation, Digital

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