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Athletes & Creators Track

There's been an evolution

As athletes and influencers evolve into standalone brands, creators of all types are using digital media to turn popularity into profitability. Players and personalities are now jockeying with TV giants to become the go-to source for their own content, coverage, and sponsorship activations.

How are players and personalities influencing and entertaining the next generation of fans?

What You'll Learn

Building the Athlete-to-Fan Relationship

How to create, leverage, and monetize the most important connection in sports

New Models for Sponsorship & Endorsement

Why collaboration and creative input are now non-negotiables in partnerships with athletes

Becoming Their Own Boss

How athletes are creating content distribution networks, production companies and branding agencies

What Fans Want & How Creators Deliver It

The critical qualities of creator content and how it reflects the tastes of young fans

How to Seamlessly Work with Athletes & Influencers

The keys to constructing deals with talent to amplify your property or brand’s message/reach

The Power of Premium

The keys to creating deeper connections with fans and the value of premium video content to brands and creators alike

The Future of Influencer Media & Marketing

The next evolution of athlete/influencer marketing and the trends to watch in athlete-driven content

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